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What are the different types of roof?

24 All Types of Roof Shingles

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Shelter is one of the basic requirements of any living being and that’s why selecting the proper roof for your home becomes necessary for a better living. Today, a wide variety of roofs suiting every dwellers needs are available in the market. You just need to choose the correct one according to your budget and requirement. The wide variety of availability of various Roof Type cause several elements to be brought into play while planning a fresh building or substituting an already existing one. For most of the people the cost plays the decisive role in choosing the right kind of roof for the right kind of home or building.

Different Types of Roof

An asphalt shingle roof is the most cost effective choice at the outset for most of the homes but at the end, it could also end up at a higher cost. The maintenance, repairs and replacement of damaged shingles might amount to the costlier side over the years. Most of the homeowners are very reluctant on climbing up the ladder and make the necessary repairs required of the roofs on their own. This results in incurring some extra costs by hiring the roofing contractors and scheduling when the owners are too busy to fix or repair only a few shingles that have become loose and dismantled at certain places in the event of a windstorm or so.

Different Types of Roof
Different Types of Roof

It could be a brilliant idea for the busy home or building owner to go for a metal roof instead of the asphalt ones because the metal roofs call for low maintenance cost. The metal roofs, once installed, doesn’t ever need any repair whatsoever for almost 25 years or even more than that. The owner can rest assured for a guaranteed 25 hassle free years.


Other different types of roof

Factors needed for deciding the roof type.
The flat roofs, yet another category of roofs that cause more pain than their actual worth. The maximum portion of this Roof Type is made up of gravel and tar. But when it leaks, finding the leak on the roof becomes a difficult task. The owner generally ends up fixing the portion which is much bigger than necessary so as to stop the mischievous leak. An EPDM rubber roof or an elastomeric coated roof would be a good consideration for building owners with this type. This kind of roof is easy to install and it also requires little or no maintenance after they are placed. Whichever roof is selected, the installation cost compared with the long-term maintenance cost should act as the deciding factor while making the right choice.

The important part of your home roof.


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