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How to Make Roof Trusses

How to Build Roof Truss

As roof is the most important part of any house, similarly, roof trusses is the most important part of roof. It is roof skeleton that carries the weight of supporting walls and frame. These are very much important as they can protect the walls from flexing or bending. They become more important when you have to build multi floor building.

Mostly these roof trusses are connected to each other with the help of galvanized metal plates in a triangular shape. If you require trusses for smaller homes or buildings then mostly timber is a preferred choice, because it is reliable and easy to install, but this doesn`t mean that you cannot use trusses made of steel, aluminum, or any other material. Mostly the material of trusses is dependent on your budget that you have in hand.

If you are thinking of how to make roof trusses as you may be interested in making your own roof truss, then you should lay out a plan before starting on this project. Before starting you must have all the required tools, equipment, material and sketch on which you have to work.

types of roof trusses
types of roof trusses

So if you have decided that you want to go on with the project then you must get a sketch from your local architecture expert. After getting the sketch you should go to the local building control authority where you should check the building codes. There are different building codes and rules in different states, so it is must to go and check with your local authorities. In case if you don`t follow the codes and start building the roof then you may face lots of difficulties during your construction process. Further they may also have some specific size for roof trusses so you have to follow that as well.

Once you get to know your local building codes on how to make roof trusses, then you should start the practical work. For this you need to select the best quality of timber because it can provide your roof strength and durability. You must not go for cheaper but weaker options.

After getting the timber for your roof trusses, you have to cut it down as per the size and design that you already have. Before cutting the timber you should recheck the size and design of your roof so to make sure that you cut the trusses in exact size as required.

Now when your timber is cut down to size, now you have to make brackets which will be used for fixing the joints. You can use galvanized steel metal sheets for joints so that these will not get rusty. You should also use screws to fix the trusses perfectly on their place.

Following these steps you will be able to make roof trusses and install these as per your requirements. In case if you think that you are not well on working with tools then you should go hire a professional person to do the job for you. Otherwise you may lose your time, money and material.


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