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Metal roof vs Shingles

Comparing Metal roof vs Shingles

If you are building a new house or looking to replace roof of your existing house, then you may heard different suggestions about which type of roof you should install. Mostly people ask to go for metal roof or asphalt shingles. So if you are also confused between metal roof vs shingles, then there is nothing to worry. Following comparison between both can help you a lot in deciding the best one for your house.

Metal roof

This is long lasting, hold up well against weather conditions, keeping home cool, and environmental friendly. Its major drawback is that you have to pay higher costs upfront for its purchase.

best metal roof shingles
best metal roof shingles

Asphalt Shingles

This provides you better soundproofing and its purchase is also not as much expensive as compare to metal roof. But its drawback is that it is not long lasting as well as cannot bear extreme weather as effectively as metal roof, so its repair cost is higher than metal roofing.

Regional Considerations

Whether you have to go for metal roof or asphalt shingles, it depend a lot of where you live. Asphalt shingles works excellent in regions where the climate is temperate on the other hand metal roofs are perfect for cold or hot, dry or wet and extreme weather, but initial cost is high.

Staying cool

Metal roofing is preferred more when it comes to keep your home cooler because it can reflect the sun rays and can keep the room cooler. It can further decrease the need of air-conditioning by 10–15%.


Staying Warm

If you wanted to keep your house warm during extreme winters, then you should go for asphalt shingles. As these have the ability to absorb heat, so they can easily keep your house warm during winters. Metal roof can also provide you such warmth, but for this you have to provide proper insulation facility.


When comparing metal roof vs shingles, metal roof are much more durable. You can find that the manufacturers provide 50 years or even lifetime warranties for metal roof but on the other hand shingles come with 20-25 years warranty.

Fire Resistance

If you are looking to compare the fire resisting qualities of metal roof vs shingles you will get to know that both have their own advantages. If you go for metal steel or copper it will survive fire, but aluminum will melt. Similarly, if you apply asphalt fiberglass composition it can survive fire but wood shingles cannot.

Sound Proofing

Asphalt shingles are much better option for soundproofing as compare to metal roof especially when it rains heavily. So if you don`t like rain drop sound then you should go for asphalt shingles.


If you talk about initial cost of metal roof vs shingles, then metal cost is higher than shingles. But if you look in longer term, then asphalt shingles proves to be more expensive because it requires repair more frequent then metal roof, which requires very less maintenance, once in decade. So if you look for longer term it is better option to go for metal roofs.


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