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If you have decide to install roof shingle on your roof and now you are looking to choose the color, then do it very carefully, because choosing roof shingle colors can play an important role in final appearance of your roof. There are number of factors that can have an impact on your choice regarding shingle colors. Especially if you are planning to install shingles by yourself, then you have to be extra careful. It is not a difficult thing to do roof shingles; mostly people do it successfully if they have focused properly. One of the common mistakes that usually people make is that they don`t care a lot about the shingle colors.

If you won`t choose the right color of shingles for your roof, then your roof may not look that much attractive and beautiful as you want it to. A beautiful roof shingle color can transform any ordinary looking roof in such way that it not only add value to property but looks attractive too. Following are some factors that can help you in choosing the right roofing colors.

Light or Dark Roof Shingle Colors

Most Popular Roof Shingle light and dark color
Most Popular Roof Shingle light and dark color

Shingles comes in both light and dark colors, so it depends on you which type of colors you like. Mostly people prefer to go for bright colors as this can make your roof look vibrant, bright and attractive especially during summers.
When you are choosing between light or dark color, you should also consider the heat factor during summers. Studies revealed that dark roofing shingles were about 10 degrees hotter than light colored shingle on average. You may look at this point differently as dark shingle helps keep your temperature hotter during winters as compare to light shingles. So it depends on weather condition of your location where you live.

Roof Color Coordination

Another important factor that you have to consider before finalizing roof shingle color is that it must coordinate with your exterior designing and coloring. It is important because no matter how eye-catching and attractive color you choose for you roof, but if it doesn`t goes well with your exterior it will not look good. This color combination makes your property look beautiful.

Type of roof shingles

Most Popular Roof Shingle light and dark color 2
Most Popular Roof Shingle light and dark color 2

You have to choose the roof shingle color according to the shingle type, like if you are choosing brickwork shingle or woodwork shingles, choose the colors accordingly that goes well with their original theme. One of the important factors that require your attention is possible selling of your house in future. So keeping this in view you have to select the roof shingle colors that can goes well with everybody.

For example you may like vibrant colors so you select the one for your roof, but you should remember that everybody may not like the same vibrant colors. So to balance this it is advisable to go for the safe and neutral colors. This can help you in reselling your house without much difficulty that may arise from colors combinations.


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