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If you have already decided that you are going to have pitched roof on your house then you have made a nice decision. There are lots of advantages that you can get by having pitched roof on your house as compare to flat roof. Pitched roof provide you protection again heavy rains. It further not allows any rain water to stand on your roof, which protects you from any roof leakage which is a common problem for flat roofs.

This way it also requires very less maintenance as compare to flat roofs. Having said this, you can get all these advantages only if you build a proper pitched roof, keeping in mind all the important factors that need to be addressed like, pitch of your roof, slope you wanted on your roof etc. Measurement of your house roof pitch is one of the most important things while constructing pitched roof.

You have to pay higher cost for steeper pitch. So you must calculate the pitch very carefully and correctly to know about the cost that you need to pay. If your house roof is built with multiple pitches, then square per roof must be calculated differently. For this you can take help from roof pitch factor chart.

Roof Pitch Factor Chart

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You can easily find roof pitch factor chart online from where you can take help in calculating pitch factor for your roof. You just have to go online and there you can search this chart you will surely find the one. After downloading this chart you require to measure your roof pitch and check the roof pitch factor from the chart according to your measurement. This will help you in finding the pitch factor free of cost and that too while sitting in your home. This saves your time as well as money that you may have to give to some construction company for the same work.

Another option that is available for you in finding the pitch factor for your roof is to find roof pitch factor calculator online. There are many websites which are offering this facility. You just need to go to any of those websites and there insert the required information and they will tell you your roof pitch factor. So these are the two easy ways in which you can find pitch factor for your roof.

On the other hand if you are still not sure that how to do that or not exactly know about how to measure roof pitch, then you must take help from some experienced person or professional company, rather than measuring wrong pitch. In case if you have measured wrong pitch then all your calculations will go wrong and you will not be able to find the exact cost that you have to bear constructing your roof.

So these are some of the ways through which you can calculate your roof pitch factor, choose the way and process that you find easiest start constructing your roof with full confidence.


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