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We have added many new features to Roof Calculator with-out making it more difficult to use. You can still just enter your bid numbers, a name & address and get a saved estimate and a complete material list in just a few minutes. We believe in adding features you can use if you want, but don’t have to.
You might think with so many forms and buttons how can it be easy to use ? The answer is: You can use these options, but you don’t have to.

Here are some things you don’t have to do:

Have to add pitch to your bid.
Have to select your roof pitch.
Have to add materials for waste for roof, valleys, hips and rakes.
Have open your address book to get a phone number or have contact information added to your bid
Have fill in a material price list to do detail pricing or create a work order
Have to send your prices by email.
Have click a button and view all the individual numbers of your estimate.
Have click a button and view your bid totals in detail.
Have add your prices to the price per square module to have your price per square inserted with just
Have use quick bid to add extras you use often to your bid.
Have to click a button and get an online map to your job.
Have to click a button and get a current online weather report.
Have press F1 and get detailed help instructions on the task you are working on.
Have to click a few buttons to produce custom written proposals, invoices, change orders, letters and certifications.

The 3 main steps to arriving at a roofing estimate
1. Measure the roof.
2. Add the numbers together and get your total squares.
3. Determine how much to charge per square or do detail pricing.

All three of these steps are extremely important and a mistake on any one of the three could mean losing money.
If you were to choose one we would have to say measuring the roof would be most important. RoofCalWriter can not help with measuring a roof, but we do offer some roof measuring tips here and here
Number 2 and 3 above is what the RoofCalWriter does. RoofCalWriter totals up the estimate numbers you enter and produces a material list and your total price. All of your individual numbers are saved exactly as you entered them.

You can use The Price Per Square module to pre-determine how much to charge per square for many different roofing situations.
The price per square does take some initial setup on your part. E.G. Only you would know how much to charge for an 8/12 pitch, with tear-off and OSB. Using Price Per square is optional.


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