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Some questions on cost of roofing shingles answered

A new residence would require plywood decking. The rate of plywood used for roofing is an approximate $20 dollars for each sheet. This could rise to an approximate $30. The expenditure of having them laid and the material price could come to an approximate $40. The charge of shingles for roofing will be an approximate $20 for each sq. ft.

In the section below are answers to common questions on the cost of roofing shingles.

Roofing Question 1

What’s the rate of having an old house re-roofed? A matter to take note of is that old shingles must be got rid of, decking requires revamps and pristine roof shingles require being put in.

Any old roof is going to require identical work as pristine roof with the additional charge of getting rid of and heaving away aged roof shingles. The charge for this is going to be put in to the labour charge by the roofing contractor you hire. Approximately, this is going to come to an approximate $1000 dollars further for a home of an average size. Costs of Transportation and landfill will be typically extras. However, you must be capable of negotiating something more economical. The charge of materials for decking comes to an approximate of between $20 and $30 for each sheet.

So, following a visual check you can decipher the number of sheets that require replacement. In the event of the felt layer requiring substitution that is going to come to $20 for a single roll of the felt of 30 pound that’s suggested. Subsequently, the charge of fixing of any spoiled section in the decking’s going to cost an approximate of $20 to $50 for each sheet besides labour. The roof shingles charges will come to an approximate $185 for each 100 sq. ft. Cost of Labour comes to an approximate $75 for each 100 sq. ft. That ought to present you with a broad idea regarding the charges of roofing any old residence.

Roofing Question 2

Could you provide an idea regarding the re-roofing any old roof using cedar shake shingles?

The price of Roofing shingle differ with materials. The charge of wood shake/ cedar shingles is an approximate of $5- $7 for every sq. ft. Thus, that comes to an approximate of between $500 and $700 for each 100 sq. ft. If the area measures 1700 sq. ft. the charge of materials alone is going to be between $8500 and $12000. Put in the setting up expenditure and any revamp charge that an aged roof could require. Moreover, you require removing the aged shingles and throwing them away. Thus, put in about $1000 more.


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