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Price per square roofing felt prices

Roofing Price Per Square Enter your roofing felt prices All the numbers provided are for example only. You must enter your prices In the description column enter the description for your felt In the weight column enter the weight of your felt (Optional) In the Squares Per Roll column enter …

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Roofing price per square calculator for roofing bids

Roofing Price Per Square The Total Price Per Square Tab This tab totals all the numbers you have entered for roofing materials, labor, roof removal, profit, overhead and sales tax (if applicable). Clicking any of the options updates your total price. After initial setup with just a few clicks you can get …

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Entering price per square column names

Using Roof Price Per Square Entering your column titles The column headings supplied can all be changed to the type of roofing materials you will use. Enter your column descriptions for your types of roofing. Change any column headings in Total Price Per Square and all the other grid headings …

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Whats new in price per square ?

Roofing Price Per Square Roofing Price Per Sq New Features The New Price Per Square program has shown to be so valuable when used in conjunction with Roof Calculator, it is no longer available as a stand alone program. We have added many new features to make Price Per Square …

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Roofing price per square terminology

Roofing Grid Terminology Terminology used in Price Per Square These are called tabs: Click any of the tabs below to see details  Each tab contains a least one grid. The Price Per Square program contains 6 grids. Grids have titles, cells, columns and rows. The title of this grid is …

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