Roofers OSB-Plywood Shingle Tool

Carpenters – Roofers OSB – Plywood Shingle Tool

This tool will help you install OSB or plywood and comp shingles.


Eliminates the need to measure valleys to get the proper angle. Simply set the tool in the valley turn the arms to the angle of your valley and tighten. Use this angle to mark your next sheet of OSB or plywood.
Get a perfect cut every time.


One man can easily install the bottom row of OSB or plywood at the eaves. Tack it to an existing sheet at the eaves leaving a few inches of the slide arm extending out. Slide you next sheet against it and it will hold that end. Never fight the sheets at the eave again.

Roofers OSB-Plywood Shingle Tool

Cut Shingle Patterns

This tool is marked every 5-5/8 inches. Set it on your shingles cut on the marks. Cut perfect 5-5/8 patterns every time.

Lay out shingle courses

Lay out courses that extend from the main run of a roof past a valley. Simply measure from the top down to the first course that crosses the valley. Take this measurement to the short part of the roof and make a mark. Set the OSB-Shingle helper tool on the mark. Mark the roof at the bottom mark on the

OSB-Shingle helper tool. Move the OSB-Shingle helper tool down to this mark. Continue this process until you reach the bottom of the valley. This will be the starting point of your courses of shingles. In the case of a protrusion thru the roof such as a dormer, the same procedure can be used.
By marking the roof with the OSB-Shingle helper tool short courses can be avoided. Made of sturdy 1/8″ aluminum.


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