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Roofing software ordering process

Roof Estimating Software

The Software ordering process

RoofGenius collects no credit card information
The authorized payment processor for RoofGenius. FastSpring.com is a service for vendors of electronic media to distribute and market their products to the world. FastSpring.com allows products to be securely registered or purchased with a credit card over the Internet. All FastSpring..com transactions are protected by an extremely high level of encryption (highest allowed by U.S. law). FastSpring. accepts the following payment options;

Once your payment is authorized here is what happens;
If you have not already done so, download the software. FastSpring.com instantly sends you an email containing the transaction number and your software unlocking code. Go to your email and get your unlocking code. Enter the unlocking code into the software when prompted. Write your unlocking number down and keep it in a safe place. FastSpring.com also sends us the following information; Your name, address, phone number, payment amount, order ID and tracking ID.
We do not receive any credit card information. We do not give your email or any personal information to anyone. See our privacy statement.