About Monopitch Roof

Basic information about Monopitch Roof

If you are constructing a new house then you must be thinking of different roof styles, because roof is one thing that has utmost importance because it cannot only add beauty to your house but also acts as a protective shield against severe weather. There are different kinds of roofs available from which you can choose the best one depending on your choice. One of the options available is mono pitch roof. When it comes to shape, these roofs are significantly different from other gabled roofs. A gabled roof is slanting into two directions but mono-pitch roof always has one directional slope. Following is some important information about mono-pitch roof and reasons why to choose this one.

Monopitch Roof

Most of the times this type of roof don`t required to be attached to any other part of roof as these are standalone structures. Further this is a good option if you are looking to make extension on to your porch or balcony; you can go for mono pitch roof.

Monopitch Roof
Monopitch Roof

Cost of monopitch roof

If you look at the cost of construction of this type of roof, it is very less as compare to other roofing types where you have to construct multi pitch roofs. The cost of construction may also differ depending on different factors like, slope of roof and number of rafters or beams to be used. Another thing that will alter the cost of mono-pitch roof is the material used for its construction, like if you go for asphalt shingles the cost of construction will be less as compare to using metal sheets.

The selection of material for mono pitched roof should be made as per your requirement and choice. Further you must also make sure that the material you selected for your roof should go well with overall structure and look of your house. If you are looking to have contemporary look in minimum budget and efforts then this type of roof is best for you. Once you install this roof, you can get many other advantages apart from saving money.

Advantages of Mono pitched roof

Out of many advantages of mono pitch roof, some are as follows:

The biggest advantage of installing this type of roof is that it is cheaper to install than others. Second thing is that you don`t require a lot of work force for installation of this roofing type. You cannot only setup this roof for your garage, but also for straw shed on grain stores, as well as for the main house building. Another major advantage that you can get by placing these roofs is that you can extend these without use of internal gutter. If you require more natural light for your nursery, then you can use mono pitch glass roof. It will allow maximum light to pass through and give excellent look to your nursery.

So these are some of the advantages that you may get by installing mono pitch roof. So what are you waiting for, go and get the required material and start construction of your roof.


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