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Metal Roofing Pros and Cons

Advantages and disadvantages of a metal roof?

Pros and cons of metal roofs for your home

If you are going to decide about the roofing material for you home and you are looking at different choices, then you must focus on metal roofing. You should weigh the advantages and disadvantages that metal roofing has against other roofing materials like, tile, wood and asphalt. Following are some of the advantages that you may get by installing metal roofing in your home.

There are number of factors where metal roofing is far ahead of its competitors such as:

What is the Lifespan of a Metal Roof

If metal roofing is properly installed by an expert then it must last long for as many years as your house will. You should not worry about the weather conditions because it can easily cope up with, high winds, sealing water, and can also shed snow easily. Other than this it is also resistant to fire, rots, insects, and mildew. Different manufacturers provide different warranties but on average they provide it from 30 to 50 years. If your metal roofs are painted well its lifespan can go for longer period as well.

Weight of metal roof pros and cons

Another advantage of metal roof is it light weight. When you compare it with tile which weigh 750 pounds each square or concrete tile that comes at 900 pounds each square, metal roof comes from 50 pounds to 150 pounds each square. This way sometimes you can easily install this metal roof over an already existing roof structure without tearing apart.

Easy Install Metal Roof

why install metal roof
why install metal roof

One more advantage of metal roof is that it can be installed with in no time as compare to other roofing material. An experienced contractor can help you in installing the metal roof material at an advantage of day or two. So imagine if storm warning is issued and you wanted to construct your roof, then there is no better option than to go for metal roof.

Cons of Metal Roofing

Everything in this world has its own advantages and disadvantages, same goes for the metal roofing. Although having a number of advantages, there are some disadvantages of metal roofing as well. With the passage of time, the manufacturers of metal roofing improved on many of these but still these are worthy to mention.

The biggest disadvantage of metal roof is its initial cost. It can comes from $150 to 600$ each square. The reason that is told by the manufacturers is its durability. They will tell you that you will save money on longer term, as metal roof do not require any seasonal maintenance, or if you are for longer stay in an house, you will not have to repair or replace it for your entire stay.

Noise metal roof pros and cons

Another disadvantage of metal roof is noise factor. Some people may take rain dropping as homey and romantic but some takes it as living in a drum. The metal roof becomes noisier during hail storm or heavy rains.
These are few of the metal roofing pros and cons, which may help you in deciding the roofing material for your roof.


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