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Metal Roofs vs Shingles Cost

Metal roof cost vs. asphalt shingles

How much more expensive is a metal roof than shingles?

If you are considering installing a new metal roof on your home or wanted to replace an existing one, you may be asked by your friends to compare its cost with asphalt shingle roof. When you start comparing the two you will find a huge difference in cost, metal roof is much expensive than asphalt shingle. But when you look at this comparison in another way you will find that metal roof cost effectiveness is not in its material but other related things.

To understand it further you must read this article till end and you will find the cost effectiveness of metal roof. When you go to market for purchasing roofing material asphalt appear to be a bargain. It comes at around one third of metal roof cost. To make it more attractive the manufacturers also slapped warranty tag which states for twenty or more years. So all those who don`t understand the difference were told that the performance of both asphalt and metal roof is similar at the fraction of cost. With the passage of time, warranties are serving as a marketing tool than quality display.

When a customer purchases a warranted product, he imagines that the company is standing firmly behind its product for specific time period. But the small print out of terms and conditions makes it difficult for consumer to understand the warranty claim. It is not that all the warranties are not dealing fairly but there are some that take advantage of customer ignorance.

Metal roof vs asphalt shingles cost

When you do some more examination of warranties, you will get to know that shingle warranties are absolutely not covering their claimed life period. Further they will also not payback you the initial amount of product, even if they claimed your warranty. Further labor cost, initial installation and replacement cost is also not covered.
Another thing that the homeowners face while comparing asphalt to metal roof cost are ignoring the environmental effects.

You may face some of the harshest conditions like, rain, hail, scorching heat, snow, sleet, tornadoes, hurricanes and wildfires. With worsening of these conditions you will see asphalt shingles failing to protect your home. Most of the times asphalt shingles need to be replaced after severe weather conditions which will increase maintenance and replacement cost. On the other hand metal roofing is most reliable for impact resistance, fire protection, and wind resistance, setting some high standards, which is not match able by any other roofing material.

In case if replacement and maintenance costs are removed even then, metal roof is more beneficial as it can help in energy conservation. You will start recovery of your amount that you have spent on purchase of metal roof in shape of savings from cooling and heating your home.

If you compare just cost of purchase of metal roof than it is defiantly on the higher side, but when you know about some other benefits that you get by purchasing metal roof, you will be satisfied as these are much more than any roofing material. Further you have to spend much less for maintenance of your metal roof as compare to other such material which is another advantage.


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