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How to Install Metal Roof over Shingles

Metal roof over shingles

Are you asked by your friend to install metal roof over shingles and you are wondering that is it possible to do so. If this is the case then you should know that it is perfectly possible. The biggest advantage that you can get by installing metal roof is to stop worrying about replacing the roof frequently because metal roof has longer lifespan than some of the other roofing materials. So now if you have decided to install metal roof, you must plan before starting. It is important because this way you will be able to streamline your installation and don`t face difficulties once started construction. To start with you require a measuring tape, snips to cut metal, and chalk line.

After getting these tools you should begin with measuring the width and height of roof where you wanted to install metal roof over shingles. The only reason to do the measurement is to make sure about the metal requirement for roof. When you are doing the measurements you should measure 2-4 inches extra for overhang.

After getting the measurement you should go to the local store for buying roofing. One of the best roofing materials that you can use is V-crimp roofing. The advantage that you can get by using this roofing is that it makes installation process easy as allows you to install it without lap screws.

Best install metal roofing

To make sure that roofing material perfectly fit the place, you must install slat boards on shingles. To get the best results you should place the boards at 24” from each other. After installing boards, you are now in place to install roofing. The process becomes very easy now, as you just have to screw roofing into slats.

After the installation of first sheet you need to move for the next one. You just need to overlap the second sheet on first bubble and then screw it. You must keep doing the same for next sheets until whole roof is completed. Before installing the last metal sheet you have to ensure that you have allowed an overhang that you have measured before. Here you require marking on the metal sheet where you wanted it to reach and then cut all the extra materials from whole sheet. Once you cut the extra edging, you may start screwing the sheet in place.

Metal Roof Peak Sheets

After placing all the sheets, you must put the metal edging which helps in covering side of roof. Roof peak can also be covered with edging. After this your metal roof over shingles is completely placed. Once you are done with placing the metal roof, you have to make sure that you remove all the extra metal, screws or other such things which you may have placed on roof during work. After this you should slowly come down to protect yourself from any injury. Your metal roof over shingles is now ready to be used. You must get a pat on your back for completing the project yourself, job well done.


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