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How to Frame a Pyramid Hip Roof

install Pyramid Hip Roof

Advantages of installing Pyramid Hip Roof

When it comes to roof styling, there are lots of options available to choose from. Pyramid hip roof is one of those options that are best suited for small sections of building or small structures like, pool houses and garages. For a pyramid roof, the slopes are downwards to the wall and depending on size; it has three or more rectangular faces. Number of faces is also dependent on the design chosen by the owner for any particular structure. The slopes of this kind of roof structure are gentle as compare to other roof types. So if you have start thinking on having this kind of roof structure for your garage then you must want to know its advantages as well. So following are some of the main advantages that you can get by installing pyramid hip roof.

Advantages of Pyramid Hip Roof

Pyramid Hip Roof
Pyramid Hip Roof

Wind-resistant Hip roofs

There are several factors that seem to be very attractive and appealing when it comes to the installation of pyramid hip roof structure. Mostly hip roof structures are preferred in those areas which are known for high winds. So once you install hip roof on your house then you don`t have to worry a lot about the maintenance and frequent repair because these roofs are wind resistant and don`t allow winds to cause serious damages to your roof or building. Other than this following are some more benefits that you can derive from hip roofs.

Hip Roof Natural Insulation

Insulation is one of the most important factors when it comes to construction of building. The main reason is that your energy bills will depend a lot on your house insulation facilities especially during severe hot and severe cold season. Pyramid hip roofs can provide you excellent insulation facilities because there are eaves all around the building which will create natural insulation. Having these roofs your room temperature will remain stable during even extreme weathers which results in saving heating and cooling costs.

Best advantages pyramid hip roofs

This is one of the best advantages that are offered by pyramid hip roofs. You can see that mostly houses having low pitch roof or flat roof surfaces are facing the problems of water drainage. Drainage can not only cause damage to your roof but also create serious problems in other sections of your house. So, if you don`t want to face any such problem then you must go for hip roofs. The reason is simple, these roofs have gentle slope that don`t allow water to stand on the roof. As soon as water gets to these roofs it will drain away automatically within no time, hence not allowing any drainage.

So these are some of the advantages that you can get by installing pyramid hip roofs. If you are living in coastal areas or areas where there are lots of high winds and rains, then there is no better option for you then to go for hip roofs. So stop thinking of other roof styles, just start installing hip roofs before severe weather effects your house.


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