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Roof Calculator Software Information

Using Roof Calculator Software

Bid information Ridge & Starter per sq.
The ability to add ridge and starter to your total squares. This has nothing to do with ordering quantities.

Example: Ridge

Customer wants high priced ridge put on a 35yr comp roof. The comp shingles may cost around $47 per sq, but ridge may cost around $30 per bundle or box. So if you want to add ridge to your total squares and you entered 2, then 1 square would be added to your total squares for every 2 bundles of ridge.

Example: Starter

40yr plus comp shingles about $72 per sq , roll starter $6 per roll. So this would be 12 rolls of starter = 1 sq. The program will calculate the correct amount of squares based on the number you put in. On many roofs it would not make much difference, but a big hip roof with 300ft ridge and 300ft starter? If you don’t want ridge/starter added to your total squares then leave either blank.

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