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How to Replace Roof Shingles

How to Replace or Repair a Damaged Shingle

Have you constructed a shingle roof on your house? If yes, then you must be very careful about its maintenance because if you wanted to complete their lifespan of 20 to 30 years, then it requires some care. The reason is that these are exposed to different elements which can eventually cause damage to them.

So in case if some of your roof shingles are damaged then you must not delay their replacement, because otherwise you have to face the problems like roof leakage as well as damaged structure, which is a bigger problem. Good thing about replacing shingles is that you don`t have to replace the whole roof as individual shingles can be replaced easily. For replacing these damages roof shingles, you don`t require a lot of expertise, but surely know how to replace roof shingles?

If you have basic tools and little know how, you can replace the broken or damaged shingles in few hours. There are few mistakes that mostly occur during replacement of shingles which must be avoided for better result. Following steps can help you a great deal in letting you know how to replace roof shingles.

How do you replace asphalt shingles?

First of all you have to find every damaged shingle on your roof. Once you find these then you should loosen the cement grip of shingles which are located two rows above from those shingles which you wanted to replace. After this you must lift the loosened shingles from its corner and draw out the nails using crowbar.

Getting to damaged shingles

After getting done with the second row, you have to follow the same process for the row above your damaged shingle. Removing damaged shingle
You have to apply the same process that you have applied for above two rows, but this time after loosening the cement, removing the nails, you need to take out the damaged or broken shingle from its position as well.

New damaged shingle

After taking out the broken shingle, you should place the new shingle in its place and put the nails to make it secure. After nailing the new shingle, you must nail the shingles on two upper rows that were loosened to replace the damaged shingle.

Roof Shingle Glue

Lastly you need to reapply adhesive on the loosened shingles and place them back on their place. Once you are done with this step your roof looks as good as a new one.

how to replace roof shingle-glue

You may think that it seems very easy how to replace roof shingles, and it’s an exercise that you can take on your own. Yes sure, if you understand the steps and you think that you can use the tools well, then you can go for it. But in case if you think that you may not use the tools well, then you should hire a roofing contractor. This way you will be able to get your job done in a professional manner, without any risks of improper installation of shingles.


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