Roof Trusses

How to Install Roof Trusses

About how to install roof trusses

Now days you can see that roof trusses are commonly used in constructing modern roofs. Trusses can be made by wood or steel. So you can choose the one that you find good for yourself. In past trusses can only be installed by the builders as they are having specialized equipment and expertise in the field. Now as the time progresses, you can even install these trusses easily by yourself, using simple and easy to use equipment. So if you are also constructing a house and you are looking for roof trusses, and wonder how to install roof trusses by yourself, then it is a procedure that you can learn.

When you look at building and installing roof trusses, then you should be very focused otherwise you cannot install these properly. It is a complicated process that can be done by following proper procedure. You must notice the weaknesses and strengths of these roof trusses before moving with their installation, this way you can put extra care on that point. Trusses strength usually lies in its vertical pressure points rather that horizontal pressure. This is the reason for which it is advised not to handle these from bottom or top portion.

So now if you are looking for steps of how to install roof trusses, as you may wanted to start the roof trusses project yourself, then following are the guidelines.

installing roof trusses on the roof
installing roof trusses on the roof

Design roof truss

After deciding about material to be used for your roof trusses, you have to design the trusses as per your roof size. Mostly if you get manufactured plywood, it may not fit your roof design and size, so you need to cut it according to your requirements. For this you may also have to do some paper work so to cut these exactly as required and get proper measurements.

Cut the trusses

Once you are done with designing the trusses as per your plan. Now you have to cut these trusses in perfect length and shape as per your structural requirements. You should provide angle to every cut, so it can easily be fixed with other.

Arrange Trusses

After you are done with preparing all chord and web members as per your roof size requirements, now is the time to put all these on ground and give them a proper shape as you may have planned. All the joints and connections must fit the desired places properly. If there is any extra portion on trusses you can cut these.

Protect the Joints

If you are installing the trusses with hand, then it is very much important use effective tools to join all members perfectly. For this you can use metal gusset plates, and attach these with the help of nails and glue.

Now when you are done with construction of roof trusses, the only thing that you have to do is to take them to the roof safely. Once you take them to the top, you just have to place them on their respective places that you have already identified. You should apply nails for securing joints and provide proper security to every angle.


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