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If you ask me what is the most important part of your house is? The answer is simple; roof is the most important part of any home. There are many reasons for that. The biggest of all, is that it protects your from all kind of external elements as well as from severe weather conditions. Roof trusses acts as a core as well as stability provider for your roof no matter it is commercial or residential. Trusses can make the actual shape of any roof. Mostly the trusses are manufactured from wood and that are used for holding up the roof.

Once you placed these trusses on their place where you want these to be, then you should fastened them using metal sheets and then cover with plywood sheet. If you are thinking for a long term planning while constructing your home and you wanted to get rid of frequent repair and roof damage, then you must build roof trusses. These trusses can not only make your roof strong but also it will be durable for longer period of time.

If you don`t construct roof trusses, then it becomes difficult for you to frame your roof properly. You will find a lot of difficulty in measuring and framing the angles for your roof.

Different Types of Roof
Different Types of Roof

Further if you don`t know how to build roof trusses then there is nothing to worry. Like most of the building owners, you can also place an order for manufactured roof trusses to any reputable manufacturer in your area, and you will find these on your doorstep as per your requirements. This also helps you in saving your money, time and material. But if you are interested in knowing about how to build roof trusses as you wanted to use these for your house, following are the important tips to follow.

How to build roof trusses

First of all you have to contact a professional architecture designer, who can make a sketch for your roof style. You can also take a sketch from online software which is specified for making roof truss designs.
After getting the sketch, you should prepare the required material for building roof trusses, like, wood, a saw, a hammer, roof truss plates and galvanized screws.

Once you prepare all the material, then you should cut the wood as per the size of your roof. You can take help from the sketch that you have already made. Before cutting you need to check your local building codes because there may be some specific sizes of trusses which can only be used. After finishing with cutting of roof trusses, you must use connector plates which are made of galvanized steel. This can easily connect the roof trusses as well as protect these from corrosion.

So these are some steps that you have to follow for constructing roof trusses yourself. You should only go for this project, once you feel that you have grip over different tools and can finish that project with efficiency. Otherwise there is no need to waste your money, time as well as material.


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