Roof Trusses

How to Build Roof Trusses


The roof is the most vital part of all buildings. In addition, it affects the daily life of people in many ways in this modern world even though the people don’t consider much. The roof covering the constructions protects you and your belongings from various factors outside.

Roof trusses function as the stability and the basis for the roof of a house or commercial building. Truss for roofs are the structures that are used to frame the actual form itself. The truss is generally made of wood, and it is what keeps the roof up.

After the trusses are taken off, these should be fixed with metal sheets before they are encompassed with a plywood sheathing. If a roof truss is not built, it is difficult to surround the roof of a house or building properly.

Measuring the required angles and framing in the correct way require effort. If you want to avoid the expenses and the problems appearing while building a strong and durable roof, you need to build a truss.

In our times there are many house builders that order prefabricated roof trusses from manufacturers and ask them deliver the trusses to building site. Because building trusses require effort and prefabricated ones help you save time, money and materials.


how to build roof trusses

Besides the common wooden roof trusses, in order to support and distribute the load on the walls effectively there are also other types of trusses that are made by using different materials.

  • Flat Trusses

Flat Truss can be designed by being supported from two edges as a lower or upper chord bearing for multiple and simple gaps. A flat truss is slightly curved to stop the backwater on the roof and prevent the damage or the collapse of the whole structure.

  •  Gambrel Trusses

Gambrel truss is a type of roof which resembles the appearance of a barn roof. There are two upper chords, one of which is longer than the other. These two chords come together at the top of the truss. There is enough space under the roof for a room since it has steep edges.

The houses with Gambrel roof truss makes it set a place under the roof. There are also large windows and a room which makes the interior of the house look brighter.

  • Bowstring roof trusses

Bowstring trusses which are mostly large and arched are used to help the weight of the buildings such as aircraft hangars and warehouses with excessive areas.

While its arch constitutes many trusses, the outer roof is made of metal sheets and other materials. Rain and snow can easily overflow from these types of roofs.

  • Dual pitched trusses

The traditional triangular truss design is that two sides are curved to the top and the struts which are known as upper truss lie down. These are tacked down the horizontal truss and so, they constitutes the base of the gable roof. Upper chords generally have different lengths in this type of lattice truss which moves away from the apex centre.


The first step for the construction of roof trusses is to be drawn by a professional architect or to design by using a software which aims especially the design of the truss.

The next step in the construction of the roof tree is to prepare the required materials. These are wood, hammer, saw, trusses made of galvanized steel and galvanised screw.

The wood should be cut according to the size of the roof and the details in the design. In addition, it must also be suitable for all local building standards and rules. The thickness of the wood is able to resist the weight it will carry and the size of the roof. Generally, the size of the wood used vary between 2 × 6 and 2 × 8.

It is necessary to use anchor plates made of galvanised steel  because it includes zinc coating and it is a type of steel that can prevent any corrosion.

While building your roof trusses, you need to make a correct calculation for the base of the roof. It is because an incorrect calculation can cause the roof structure to bend or fall down.


When you use the roof trusses for your house and when you need to know how to build roof trusses for a shed or a garage, you shouldn’t just focus on the appearances.

If you have trouble in selecting correct type of truss for your roof, an experienced truss designer, roofer, an engineer or an architect can help you determine the most convenient design.

In addition, you can use a variety of roof truss designs in different parts of your house, and so you can preserve the appearance of your house from the outside and make your rooms special for you.

Another point to note is that some roof trusses are special production for weather conditions in certain areas. Qualified engineers and roof architects should ta-ake into consideration the design of the building


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