How to build a Pitched Roof

Guideline on How to build a pitched roof

If you are constructing a new house and looking to decide about the roof, then you are surely looking at several available options. One of the best and most workable designs for roofs is pitched roof. There are different types of pitched roofs from which you can select the best one depending upon your preference. One thing that you should know is that building pitched roof requires lots of technical knowledge and expertise. Your work become little easy if you are doing the same for small structures like, a gazebo or garden shed. Following are some important tips that can help you for DIY experience about how to build a pitched roof.

Roof Design Software

If you haven`t done any construction work before then to start with you have to download a free roof designer software. You will easily find a lot of these online which from which you can choose the best one. This software will help you in designing your roof for your structure. To all this you just require basic computer knowledge because it will help you in starting the software to get roof design.

How to Measure a Roof

After download the software for roof design you have to take the measurement of your structure on which you wanted to build the roof. Once you get the measurement then you need to put these measurements in your downloaded software which will design different types of roof for your structure. You can choose the best one as per your requirements and choice.

How to beginning roof assembly?

After finalizing the design you should start assembling roof. But one thing you have to ensure before starting is that you have all the required tools and material. If you have all the required items then you should cut the frame pieces and begin assembling the roof. You just simply have to follow the steps from the software to get correct dimensions. Similarly following the same instructions you can cut the sections and rafters as per your roof requirements. After cutting all the required material you need to for constructing pitched roof you should move to next step.

How to Install Roof Shingles

how to Install new Shingles roof
how to Install new Shingles roof

When you cut all the material in size and place these on their respective places, then the last thing you have to do is to set shingles. You can start from the bottom of roof and move upward towards the roof top. One thing you have to be careful is to install one row at a time, so that it can be done in appropriate manner. Completing all the rows till top of room will complete your pitched room.

These are some of the steps and guidelines for how to build a pitched roof and if you follow these guidelines you will surely end up constructing a beautiful pitched roof. But in case if you think that it is a difficult task for you and you cannot perform it easily, then you must hire a professional company because it can build a beautiful roof without any flaw.


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