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How price per square totals roofing numbers

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How Price Per Square Totals Roofing Numbers

The numbers you enter are calculated behind the scenes by the Price Per Square program. We are going to use an example to determine your your Price Per Square.
We are assuming you have entered you roof measurments

Example: Typical roof specifications
Roof Pitch: 6/12
Tear off: Yes, Layers to remove: 2
Sheathing: Yes
Sales Tax: Yes

Based on the above specifications take the following steps:

  • If you do not want sales tax added to materials skip this step
  • Type in your material tax rate, if used at this point the program has calculated your materials including sales tax. Your material price and total price per square in Total Price Per Square have been updated.
  • In the roof pitch drop down list select 6/12
  • Click the Layers drop down list select 2 The program gets your roof removal price by looking at your Roof Removal Prices for 6/12 pitch under 2 layers and copies this price to total price per square to the Roof Removal Row for all materials All the columns are totaled.
  • The program looks at your OSB price per sheet and multiplies it by 3.33

The program adds this price to the OSB material row in Material Price. All these columns are then totaled. These prices are copied to Total Price Per Square Material-loaded per sq row.
The program then looks at your Labor Grid under the Lay OSB column , then adds this price to your labor to install roofing.

This price is added to the Total Price Per Square, Install roofing row in all columns
All the columns in Total price Per Square are then totaled.


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