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Hip Roof vs Gable Roof

How to compare Hip roof vs Gable roof

When you are constructing a house, the biggest thought that come to your mind is about the style of roof you have should choose. This is very important to choose the right one, because it will help to add in beauty of your exterior. Other than this roof can also provide you protection against extreme weathers. So while deciding about the construction of roof, you need to be very careful. There are many options available, but hip roof and gable roof are two main types of roof that are considered and ranked very highly by the construction companies. So if you haven`t already decided about the roof type you must compare hip roof vs gable roof and then decide the best one as per your requirements.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hip roof vs Gable roof

No matter you are going to frame a hip roof or gable roof, there are certain points that you should consider. In case if you are still not sure, then you can compare these for, cost, strength, look and level of difficulty. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of both, and it will also depend on which style look good on your house structure. There are some practical considerations too which you have to consider.

Practical Considerations

First of all, you should look at the construction of both these roof types. Hip roof has four faces while gable has two. This means construction of hip roof require more skills and technicalities than gable roof. Similarly you have to spend more time as well as energies on constructing the hip roof as compare to the gable roof.


Another thing that you have to compare between hip roof vs gable roof is ventilation process. Here you will find no difference, both roofing styles has same ability of ventilation. For every 150 square feet, one square feet ventilation facility is offered. Gable roof uses gable vents that are usually installed in siding of home. Hip roof provides ventilation from under the eave.


If you measure and find the same square feet construction required for both the roofs still hip roof construction will charge you more. The reason is because for hip roof construction the contractor has to spend more time as well as require highly focused and professional approach. Further he will have to spend more time on installation of rafters in hip roof as compare to gable roof. So if you have decided about hip roof then you have to be ready to pay little higher as well.

Aesthetic Considerations

When after comparing hip roof vs gable roof on all above factors don`t help you in reaching a decision as the cost may not be the issue for you and you have to decide on looks of the roof style, then you can find a difference here. Gable roofs look completely different from hip roofs. They offer fully exposed sides as compare to hip roofs that has boxed structure.

In case if you are living in such areas that are more open to winds and hurricanes, then hip roof structure should be preferred as it can provide you stability and integrity to your overall house structure.


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