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Making a decision about construction of a new house is one of the biggest decisions that you have to make in your life. So if you have decided to start building one, the next big decision is to decide about the roof type. Your roof style can add to the beauty of your house and exterior. There are number of options available in this regard, you have to choose the best one depending upon your house location.

One of the choices that is very popular and have many advantages is hip roof trusses. If you go for this roof style, you will see that your house looks more appealing and attractive from other around it. Building a roof truss is however not a simple easy task, but if you have learned the process of constructing these trusses, then it will be really helpful for beautiful construction.

hip roof trusses ridge ad rafters framing
hip roof trusses ridge ad rafters framing

What is a hip roof in construction?

Steps involved in construction of hip roof

There are four distinct faces of a hip roof, each on four walls of the house. These are sloped downwards in such a shape that looks like pyramid. Hip roof trusses are pre built wooden frame which are not visible from outside. These trusses are one of the most important parts of hip roof construction because these provide stability during and after construction of hip roof. Following are the important steps that you have to follow to build a beautiful hip roof.

  1. First of all you must measure and cut the rafters and ridge board.
  2. After that you have to nail two common rafters on one side of ridge board, then place the ridge board in order and nail the remaining two rafters in place.
  3. Moving forward you have to measure the corner to ridge rafter to find length of hip rafter.
  4. You should know attach a string or rope to hip rafter to keep it straight for remaining installation.
  5. At last you need to measure and then cut jack rafters, attach them with the help of nails on four corners. To make sure that these will not break or bend under stress, you should exert some pressure on these.

Mistakes constructing hip roof trusses

There are some common mistakes that may occur during construction of hip roof trusses. Some of those are as follows.

Improper Roof Truss Material

A common mistake that can cause a lot of danger as well as loss of money is the use of improper material. Improper material means which is not properly sized or having wrong design for your project requirements. So if you have some doubts regarding hip roof trusses, you must consult specialist.

Another big issue arises when you measure wrongly. It is a common error that sometime arises because of incorrect reading.

Hip Roof Truss Construction: Mistakes

Another common mistake that occurs is wrong installation of trusses or rafters. Before finalization you must make sure that all the rafters and trusses are on proper place and angles.
These are some common mistakes that can be avoided if you focus more on your job and do it very carefully. A little negligence can land you in trouble.


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