Hip Roof

Hip Roof Framing and Building

What is a hip roof in construction?

How to go for Hip roof Framing and Building

First of all you have to know that what hip roofs are. These are special kind of roof, having gentle slope towards side walls, which has downwards pattern. An area where two sections of roofs meat each other is known as hip. Hip roof has uniform angles without vertical ends. Mostly cottages, ranch homes and bungalows are the buildings where hip roof is constructed. Having these roofs can add extra qualities to building like, solidness, enhanced comfort level and traditional design. Hip roofs are known as the simplest design in hip roof group. If you are considering hip roof framing and building for your house, you must keep in mind three important factors which can contribute in style or design of hip roof.

Eaves: these roofs have longer eaves which can protect your window from direct sunlight. So if you have these roofs, your interior will remain cooler during summers that can help in reduction of cooling costs and energy bills with less use of air conditioner.

Strength: In case if you are living in an area where there are fast winds and cyclones comes at regular intervals, then hip roof framing and building will help you in dealing with those. If the pitch of these roofs is constructed with accuracy, then these are there for longer stay.

Style: Building hip roofs can add to the beauty and exterior of your house. This style considered as one of the best roof styles because of its unique looks.

Building Hip Roof

Constructing a hip roof is not very easy task. As it is constructed with slopes so you should be very accurate and precise as well as keep measures regarding safety. Following steps may help you in hip roof building.

The most important step is to take proper measurement before installation of hip roof. You should take help from experienced people to get the measurement, because if your measurement is not correct everything will suffer afterwards.

After getting the measurement you have to cut the rafters according to the measurements.
You should now place a ridge board which acts as a frame, and then start placing rafters on each side as per requirement.

After placing the rafters you should ensure that these are properly aligned at the corners. You should do it with the help of framing square to take exact measurement.

Once you are sure that each rafter is placed at the same angle where you required it to be, then it’s the time to start fixing these. Experts will tell you to start fixing these from one side.

After finishing nailing of rafters, you can trim these to have a more linear layout.

Now is the time to connect the hip rafter with those which are already in place. For this kind of construction, corner rafter is known as hip rafter.

Lastly now you should install jack rafters between standard rafters and hip rafters. You must start this from one end and take it towards the other.

If you understand hip roof framing and building then you can do it yourself, but otherwise it is advisable to take help of any professional construction company so that your job will be done in a better way.


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