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Frequently Asked Question Using RoofCalculator

Software Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why is the copy to extras button on Quick Bid disabled sometimes ?
A : You are in detail pricing mode. Copy to extras is only used in Per Square pricing mode.

Q: I have items I want priced by the foot. How ?
A : Use detail pricing mode, especially useful for metal roofs.

Q: Nothing happens when I click the email button, Why ?
You cannot send an email without entering an email address from the RoofCalWriter program. To send an email from the email program on you computer click File on the toolbar and click the email icon.
(Short-cut Ctrl+M from the main screen.)

Q: Why am I being asked to enter a valid email address ?
A : We are only verifying you have entered the correct syntax. No use in sending an email that has no chance of being successful.

Q: I opened a saved bid and the template name does not match my saved estimate, Why ?
A : Your template names can be changed many times and may no longer be in your templates. Templates are designed to aid in grouping roof types to produce a fast and easy estimate. Once a bid is saved it no longer has anything to do with your templates.

Q: I have a bid saved with 2 prices and now I need a price on a different material. How can I save my bid with more than 2 prices?
A : RoofCalWriter is designed to only save 2 prices. As a work-around you could do a couple of things.
1. Open your saved bid and copy your prices to quick bid or copy your prices to Notes. Enter your new prices and save your estimate.
2. Open your saved bid and enter your new prices. Before saving your bid add Bid#2 after the lastname. Like this: John Doe Bid#2. Then you will have 2 different bids.

Q: Does the RoofCalWriter handle billing and payments ?
A : No. You could create folders to distinguish between paid and unpaid jobs. Open your saved bid and in Notes: type the date billed and amount and then date paid and amount. Don’t forget to save your bid when making changes.

Q: How do i delete a bid i have saved ?
A : Open your saved bids by clicking the File open icon on the toolbar. Select the bid you want to delete and press the delete key on your keyboard.

Q: I want to subtract a roof area from my estimate, How can i do this ?
A : For roof area add a minus sign (“-“) in front of one of 2 numbers you are multiplying. Like this 47 x -25 = -1125. Put a minus in front of your number. like this -25.

Q: I have a saved estimate and my customer now wants ridge on rakes, How can I do this ?
A : Open your saved bid click the ridge on option and it will be added.Note : You would probably want to remove the roll starter on rakes if it was selected.

Q: I saved an estimate with the wrong pitch, How do i correct this ?
A :
Open your estimate, change the pitch and the totals will be recalculated.
Note : You may want to change your bid price per square.

Q: I have a new computer and all of my saved bids are on my old computer, what do I do ?
A :
Install the RoofCalWriter program and copy your saved bids into the same folder as the RoofCalWriter program.

Q: The Quick bid Grid opens on some saved bids and others is does not, Why ?
A :
This is by design. If Quick Bid contained no information when saved it will not open.

Q: Do I have to enter ridge and starter per square?
A :
No. If you leave them blank only Roof Area measurements will add to your total squares.

Q: Why can I not save a bid with no name ?
A :
If this was allowed you would never be able to find anything.

Q: Why am I always being asked to save changes ?
A :
This is a safe-guard so you do not loose changes or work you have done

Q: Can I put a shortcut on my desktop to the RoofCalWriter program?
A :
Click Windows start button, Right-click the RoofCalWriter icon, select Send To, Select Desktop (Create shortcut).

Q: Can I create a shortcut from the windows taskbar to the RoofCalWriter program?
A :
Drag the RoofCalWriter Icon from the desktop to the taskbar

Q: How do I uninstall RoofCalWriter ?
A :
From Add-Remove Programs find RoofCalWriter, click Remove.
Note: Any estimates you saved will not be removed.

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