What is a double pitched roof?

Double Pitched Roof

Roof types: Double pitched roofs

One of the main parts of every house is its roof, the stronger, and beautiful a roof is the more beautiful your house looks. There are many different types of roofs from which you can choose for your house depending upon your own taste and house surroundings. One thing is sure that you must have a strong roof to tackle high winds, hail storm or heavy snowfall or heavy rains. In case if you compromise on the quality of your roof you will have to pay the price.

Before deciding on type of roof you must keep weather conditions in your area in your mind as well. If you are living in an area of high winds, then hip roof is good for you. You can see that there are double pitched roofs that are considered really strong and which can stand and resists severe weather conditions as well. These roofs are stronger than any of the other roofing types.

The double pitched roof becomes stronger because of the support provider to the rafters. This support is usually provided by a beam which is placed in the center under the rafter. This beam is sometime also called as purlin. This type of roof is also considered as one of the traditional and most used roofing types. If you wanted to describe this type of roof in simple words you can say it a triangle having two surfaces connected with the help of a ridge in top.

These are further supported by ridge linking the load-bearing walls over the top. The end triangles are known as gables which are mainly used for installation of windows for natural light and air.

Why to choose double pitched roofs

The best thing about these double pitched roofs comes from its easy to go nature because you can easily install different kinds of roof covering to it. These double pitched roofs can be asymmetric and symmetric solution but mostly preferred as symmetrical, having equal surfaces as perfect triangle. One thing that you must know before construction of this kind of roof is that these are not very easy to build so you should require some expert labor to do the task.

So if you think that you have some grip on construction material and other formalities then you can take up the task otherwise, it is highly recommended to take the help of professional contractor to do the job for you. It is recommended because if you start the task yourself and could not able to finish it then you will lose your money as well as time.

Double pitched roofs example

double pitched roofs example
double pitched roofs example

So it is better to take help of a professional company, which can save relieve you from all sorts of problems and worries regarding construction. They are now responsible to deliver you a master piece as per your requirement. You just have to sit back and relax and let them do their work. You can also find these companies easily and that too at affordable rates. So don`t waste your resources, energies and time, take help from the experts and get your double pitched roof done.


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