Roof Trusses

Different Types of Roof Trusses


If you are thinking of starting construction of your new house or looking to renovate an existing one, then there are certain factors that you should consider before starting it practically. The most important factor is to think about the roof type that you are going to install on your house. As roof serve as most important part of your house that protect you and your family from severe weather and elements from outside, so you should design and construct it very carefully.

You can choose from flat roofs or pitched roofs. No matter which type of roof you select you have to construct roof trusses for support. There are different types of roof trusses from which you can choose the one as per your roof design and style. Mostly trusses are made from wood and at the spot for proper shape and design as per requirement of roof design. Trusses are basically used to support and spear the weight to exterior walls. Following are some of the main types of roof trusses.

Different Types of Roof
Different Types of Roof

Bowstring Truss Roof

These are usually large and arched trusses. These trusses are basically used to provide support to weight of large buildings like, warehouses that require lots of open space within and for aircraft hangars. There are several beams which makes an arch, with sheets of any material that you want to use for roof making. For this type of roof you don`t need to place ridge cap as you have to do for other roof types. Further water can slip easily from this kind of roof.

Dual Pitched Trusses

It is triangular in shape and known as standard truss design, which has two sides slop on the apex above, with bars leading down. These bars are then attached to the horizontal beam which makes the base of triangle.

Gambrel Trusses

This is just like barn roofs in shape and appearance. These have two upper chords; one is longer than the second, both these chords meat at the top of truss similar to dual pitch variety. You can use the space below the roof for living or store room. You can also use the extra space below the room for large windows that can make your room brighter.

Now you get to know different types of roof trusses and what they can offer to you. So you have to make selection of the best one depending upon your building structure and your location. You can also take help from any professional who can guide you the best to make selection easy.

One thing that you must make sure is that no matter what type of trusses you select for your house, install these properly. In case if these are not properly installed then you may not get all the advantages that you have in mind before starting the project. So be careful while installing the trusses and for this you may also take help from any professional constructer because he can install these in proper way as these should be installed.


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