4 Types Best of Roof available for your home

Different types of roof

Roof is an important part of any house and deciding the right type of roof is not an easy task. If you are confused about choosing right one, then you are on the right place. Here you will come to know about the different types of roof and their materials.

Gable Roof Type

This is one of the most common types of roof preferred by the homeowners. It consists of two slop sections placed in opposite direction which looks like inverted V. People who live in high wind areas should avoid gable roof type as it can catch wind easily and fly out.

Flat roof

Flat roof is straight and does not have roof pitch. Homeowners prefer to have rubber flat roof as it has great durability. These are best for commercial buildings so, if you are planning to build commercial place then you can choose flat roof.

Hip Roof

It is somewhat similar to gable roof but has four sloppy sides which is very difficult to construct. Hip roof is constructed in very steep Roof pitch types and has no vertical lines. This is best for residential roofing purpose.

Roof materials: Roof materials differ from type to type and have different properties. Certain material is good for cold places whereas other for hot places. The slope and Roof pitch types also decides the material of the roof. Here are some of the commonly used materials.

Asphalt Shingles: It is mostly preferred for residential homes and can be easily constructed. These are one of largest producing roof material around the world.

Wood shake: Wood shake is similar to asphalt shingle; the wood overlaps the roof to make the roofing weather proof. It needs more maintenance as compared with other roofing types.

Metal Roof

Metal roof are very common roof type for both residential and commercial purpose. Today, there are variety of metal roofs are available to fulfill needs of the work place and living place as well. All above mentioned types of roof with their Roof pitch can help you choose your right roof. If you are new to roofing, then you can also hire an expert to help you in completing this task.


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