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The Customer hereby applies to RoofGenius Company for credit terms as indicated below and certifies that the information below is true and complete and is furnished with the intent that it be relied upon by RoofGenius Company in granting credit. The Customer agrees to notify RoofGenius Company immediately of any change in Company ownership. If granted credit by RoofGenius Company, the Customer agrees to pay all invoices according to the terms set by RoofGenius Company. General Business Details Legal name of business______________________________________

Trade name/style____________________________________
Fax # ___________________________ Phone #______________________________
Address________________________________________ City__________________________
Province/State______________________________ Postal/Zip Code________________
Mailing address (if different from above) _______________________________________
City_____________________ Province/State___________ Postal/Zip Code______________
Website_______________________________ E-Mail Address __________________________
Line of business ___________________________ Number of years in business________
Legal form of business: _____Proprietorship, _____Partnership, _____Corporation
If company is a subsidiary, please provide name of parent company________________
If there is litigation against this company at this date, please provide details

Credit Information
Name of bank and branch___________________________________________________
Phone # ________________Fax # ________________

Major Trade References (Suppliers NOT Service Companies)

1. Name of supplier____________________________Address____________________________
City__________________________ Prov/State ______________________
Phone____________________ Fax ____________________

2. Name of supplier_____________________Address____________________________
City______________________ Prov/State ______________________ Phone_______________
Fax ___________________

3. Name of supplier______________________ Address_________________________
City______________________ Prov/State ______________________
Phone____________________ Fax ____________________
Authorized Signature: ________________________________
Print Signature Title:______________________________


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The Customer authorizes RoofGenius Company to obtain such information regarding the Customer in connection with the credit hereby applied for and the Customer consents to the disclosure at any time of any information concerning the Customer from any credit reporting agency or credit grantor with whom the Customer has financial relations. RoofGenius Company may retain this application for its records.
The Customer makes the foregoing confidential application for credit, with the understanding that RoofGenius Company will be relying upon it for the purpose of the Customer obtaining merchandise on credit from RoofGenius Company.

This is an Application and Agreement for credit and shall apply to any and all credit extended by RoofGenius Company. The Customer understands and agrees to the following terms and conditions of sale.
Terms of sale are net 30 days. Agents or representatives of RoofGenius Company are not authorized to change or adjust the credit terms without the written authorization of the credit manager. All claims against invoices must be made within 30 days after receipt of goods. All invoices are to be paid promptly according to the credit terms established. Failure to comply with the credit terms established may result in cancellation of credit privileges without notice. A Service Charge of $20.00 will be applied to the account for any Dishonored (Returned ) Checks.

Accounts not paid by the due date are subject to an interest charge from the date of maturity at the rate of 2% per month (24% per annum). Goods may not be returned without prior authorization of RoofGenius Company. Goods / merchandise authorized for return will be subject to a minimum 25% restocking charge. Applicant agrees to bear all costs incurred in collecting any unpaid account balances including but not limited to collection suit fees, legal fees and court costs. Upon obtaining information that the Customer’s credit worthiness has changed adversely or does not satisfy the current credit standards, RoofGenius Company may adjust the credit limits accordingly.
Signature: ______________________________
Print Signature _________________________
Authorized Officer ______________________
Title: _______________________
Date: ____________________________

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