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Are you a homeowner looking to upgrade your current roofing shingles? Perhaps a recent storm has wreaked havoc on your current roof and you would like to purchase a new one through a homeowners insurance claim? Concrete roofing tiles are one of the best roofing materials in use today. Their longevity, durability, appearance and affordability make them a top choice for countless homeowners.

  • Longevity. Most concrete roofs come with a 60 year warranty, a warranty that is rarely utilized seeing as they have a reputation for lasting hundreds of years.
  • Durability. Concrete roofing shingles will not only last, they will last with little to no maintenance.
  • Appearance. The enormous selection of tiles means there is something for every taste.

Types of Concrete Roofing Tiles

When most people hear the word “concrete” a dull, grey, and uninviting picture comes to mind. In actuality, concrete shingles are available in colors and styles that make them unrecognizable from other traditional roofing materials. Does your home require a historic look? Concrete tiles can be made to mimic Spanish clay shingles, giving you all of the appeal, with none of the price. Trying to blend in with the crowd? No problem. Concrete roofing tiles are now made to mimic their asphalt shingle cousins. You can have all the perks of a better, stronger roof without feeling like your showing off for the neighborhood. This much variety could seem a little daunting at first. No need to worry. Contact us to have your own personal concrete shingle installer come to your home and detail every option at your disposal.


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Concrete Roof Cost

With all the perks these roofs have to offer you would think the price would be astronomical. While not the cheapest roofing material, it is far from the most expensive. The initial cost of installing a concrete roof is higher than an asphalt roof. But asphalt roofs need to be repaired at the most every 20 years. By contrast, concrete roofs will last a lifetime, they’re guaranteed to. They are also much stronger than asphalt shingles. Holding up to the most wicked of hail storms, and even tree branches. In truth, you get what you pay for in roofing materials. Choosing a higher initial cost will, without a doubt, pay off in the long run. This makes the cost of installing concrete shingles a tremendous value for every homeowner.

Concrete Shingle Roof Cost

While concrete shingles may cost a little more than more economical options such as composite shingles, averaging $9.75 to $13.75 per square foot, they are an excellent choice for homeowners due to their durability and longevity. Paying a little more up front will save you in the long run, as concrete shingles often carry warranties of 60 years or longer. Concrete roof tiles are fabricated in almost every style and color, so there’s sure to be a concrete roof option that meets your aesthetic and budgetary needs. Concrete shingles typically come in two types – standard weight and lightweight. It’s generally a better idea to stick with standard weight tiles, as they are harder to break and will stand up better to rough weather and debris falling on them from trees. Concrete shingle or concrete tile roofing typically carries an “A” fire rating, and can be installed in a wide range of climates.

A lot of the cost of concrete shingle roofing is in the labor. The actual installation of a concrete shingle roof is fairly time-consuming, as concrete shingles are installed individually and it takes a great deal of still to make any necessary cuts to the tiles. When compared to other roof companies, you will find our concrete shingle roof pricing to be extremely competitive, especially when you factor in the expertise, attention to detail, and overall value provided.


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