Roof Knife Blades used to Cut Composition Shingles

Roofers Knife Blades

Roofers Knife (Used for blades with a square hole)
roofer sknife

Knife blades used when installing composition shingles
(Cut shingles from the smooth back side)
All blades last longer when cut from the back side of shingles

Bowtie Blade: Used when shingle are cold, also used on thicker shingles that have granules on both sides Requires a roofers knife handle.(Notice the square hole in the blade)

Hook Blade: Used mainly when shingle are warm. Also comes with a square hole in the blade
Utility Blade: Not recommended for cutting shingles. Best for cutting roofing felts (tar paper)


  • Warm shingles are easier to cut
  • Shingles cut from the granulated side dull blades quickly
  • Cut shingles from the back side
  • Set unused cut shingles on the roof back side up (granule side facing roof) prevents sticking (Not stacked)
  • When cutting many installed shingles use an electric saw


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