What is the pitched roof vs flat roof?

Comparison between roof pitch and flat pitch

Various types of roofing systems are available. Generally, there are two choices when construction or building project is considered. They are flat roofing and pitched roofing. Each of them has got its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Pitched roofing- advantages and disadvantages

The roof pitch if constructed in a proper way can offer a longer lifespan than a flat pitch. The materials used for roof pitch are long-lasting and are challenging to the temperature. The rooms will not get affected due to the change of temperature. Roof pitch has got two slopes which meet at a point. It is constructed is such a way as to employ maximum loft area. The pitched roof offers great flexibility. Space can also be converted into a store room, living space or a playroom. Although, pitched roof offers various advantages but increased expense is a major negative aspect. Many people cannot afford pitched roof. As the design is more intricate extra building material and extra man-hour cost is spent. The roofing system is also not feasible. Sometimes a burden is also felt on the groundwork. The designs become complex sometimes and more time is needed to build with extra man- power. Various materials are also available for a pitched roof such as metal roofing, tile roofing, etc.

Flat roof Advantage vs Disadvantages

Flat pitch consists of a horizontal base that is fixed to the ceiling joint. A waterproof membrane is applied on the top. Flat pitch holds the water whereas roof pitch drains it. The materials generally used for this purpose is the asphalt. Sometimes, three flat-ply modified bitumen can also be used. To guard the room from the harmful effects of sunlight a thin layer or gravel is added.

What is the pitched roof vs flat roof?
What is pitched roof and flat roof?

Recently, a design has become popular which is the Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It is a 3mm thick solid which can be applied to increase the lifespan. Flat roofing is affordable and requires less time. It needs fewer materials and less manpower. The roofing can be completed in a single day. EPDM increases the lifespan to a certain limit but still, flat roofing can’t fulfill all the needs. Flat roofing requires a lot of maintenance and time.


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