• Hip Roof

    Install Pyramid Hip Roof

    Advantages of installing Pyramid Hip Roof When it comes to roof styling, there are lots of options available to choose from. Pyramid hip roof is one of those options that are best suited for small sections of building or small structures like, pool houses and…

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  • Metal Roof
    metal roof vs asphalt shingles

    Metal roof cost vs. asphalt shingles

    A different way of looking at metal roof cost If you are considering installing a new metal roof on your home or wanted to replace an existing one, you may be asked by your friends to compare its cost with asphalt shingle roof. When you…

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  • Roof Trusses
    types of roof trusses

    Types of roof

    Types of Roof our Home Shelter is one of the basic requirements of any living being and that’s why selecting the proper roof for your home becomes necessary for a better living. Today, a wide variety of roofs suiting every dwellers needs are available in…

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  • RoofCalcWriter

    Price Per Square or Detail Pricing

    Using Roof Calcultor Writer Roof Bidding Software Per Square Pricing or Detail Pricing ? If you want to create a precise bid right down to the penny then use detail pricing. If you want to create a faster bid, then use per square pricing. Both…

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  • Metal Roof
    metal roof color and designs 1

    Metal Roof Colors and Designs

    How to select Metal Roofing Colors and Designs Are you looking for new metal roof? If yes then you are surely in search of some of the best designs and colors for your metal roof. If this is so, then you need to make sure…

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  • RoofInfo

    Walking on roof pitches

    Roof pitches that can be walked Roof pitches you can walk on Do not attempt to walk on these roofs on any pitch ! Moss on a roof that is wet from dew or recent rain. Frost, snow or ice on the roof What roof…

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  • Roof Shingles
    tips how to shingle a roof

    Tips of How to Shingle a roof

    If you are looking for roof construction on your house and you have choose a shingle roof style and now looking for how to shingle a roof, then you will surely get good idea after reading this article. There are two common patterns that are…

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  • Roof
    Flat roof pitch construction

    Flat Roof Pitch Construction

    Flat roof pitch a workable option If you are considering replacing your old roof or looking to construction a new one, you must make a decision after considering all the important aspects. If you have a flat roof pitch before which you wanted to convert…

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