All about Pitches of Roof

While planning your dream house, you think about the material you use, how architecturally perfect you want it. While discussing the same, Roof pitch types comes into consideration.

A pitch of the roof basically measures the slope of it that is how steep you want your roof to be.

Deciding factors of the pitch of the roof are:

  • Climate of your area
  • The architecture of your house

It is important to decide the roof pitch for two reasons:

  • It will decide the amount of material that will be required.
  • It will decide the type of material best suited for your roof.

Getting a perfect pitched roof can make your dream house look just as you have planned.

Mostly, only two specific styles of pitched roof are dealt with:

Roof Pitch angle in Degrees
Roof Pitch angle in Degrees

Cut roofs: These type are the traditional ones made from joists and rafters. In this type, it is ensured that there isn’t an outward spread of the rafters. This type of roof provides high level of support to the ceiling below the roof.

Size of the rafter differs according to the need. It is determined by the distance between the wall plate and the ridges and the type of roof covering used.

Mostly the cross section of the rafter is kept small because of the high expense of putting them together.

Truss roofs: These are quite common too. They are made by specific factory truss and is delivered to you by the same. Mainly low-slope roof types use this style. The framework of the roof is made in the factory itself and is combined together to make up the struts, rafters and joist all in one place.

Yes! You can easily get the type of roof you want without any manual building.

You can come up with the type of pitch you want by keeping in mind the type of material being used. Choosing the wrong type can make it hard to construct as well as maintenance of the roof. Some material may limit the durability and drainage options; therefore, it is necessary that the type of pitch matches the material being used.

Hip roof: A hip roof has two different pitches; an alternative roof pitch at one side to the other. It is used to make houses look unique, different and more presentable.

Pitched Roof Style

There are three Roof pitch types to complete your dream project.

Flat roofs: Flat roofs falls under 2:12 pitch.
Low slopes: Low slopes fall under 4:12-2:12 pitch
Steep slopes: Steep slopes fall under 4:12-21:12 pitch


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