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How to Walk on a Tile Roof

How to walk on a concrete tile roof ?

Walking on a Tile Roof

How to walk on a concrete tile roof and minimize breakage
A concrete tile roof is one of the best long lasting roofs you can have. A minor disadvantage over other types of roofs is the tiles can break when walked on. Before attempting to walk a tile roof be sure to have a few replacement tiles on hand just in case. Even the most experienced roofers sometimes break tiles.

If walking on a tile roof is imperative choose a route carefully across the reinforced and supported section of each tile. Walk on the butt of the tile where the tiles overlap. Do not step in the middle of the tile as this part is un-supported. Distribute your weight evenly between both feet. Transfer your weight between your feet gradually as you walk. Never jump on any tiles. Avoid stepping on any cut tiles at wall runs, valleys, hips, chimneys and around flashings. Do not walk on the water channels (Where the tiles lap on the sides). Use the same procedure when walking flat tile.

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Freshly installed tiles are not as strong as aged tiles. Tiles can have an invisible hairline cracks that will break even with every precaution. If you cannot match the tile color replace a tile(s) from a less visible part of the roof and use the removed tiles. (Tiles behind a chimney are often used)

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