How to install a dormer vent

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How to install a dormer vent on a comp shingle roof

Step 1
Drive a large nail from your attic to mark the location of your dormer vent.

Nail thru roof

Step 2
Mark your roof using the dormer vent and nail as a guide

Cut out the shingles with a roofing knife using your marks as a guide.
See step 5 (Leave space for water flow)

Dormer vent mark roof

Step 3
Cut out the sheathing using a power saw. (Avoid cutting the shingles as this will dull the blade instantly.)

Dormer vent cut sheathing

Step 4

Remove any fasteners to prevent vent from sliding under shingles. Slide in dormer vent

Slide in dormer vent

Step 5
Be sure shingles are cut back 1″ to 1-1/2″ to allow water to run freely from side of dormer vent as indicated below

Allow water flow

Install vent when roof is cool to prevent scaring shingles and allow shingles to be separated. Water can be sprayed on roof to cool shingles.
Use a flat roofing bar to remove nails
Use a roofers knife with hook blades or diamond shaped blades to cut shingles.