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Make roofing counter flashings

How to make roofing counter flashings

Make self gripping counter flashings with this sheet metal lip bender

Cut the stucco or brick at a 3/4″ depth using a abrasive or diamond blade.
Bricks can also be cut at the mortar joints.

Bending the sheet metal

Step 1
Bend a 90° lip using the 1″ side of the bending tool

Step 2
Bend a 45° lip using the 3/8″ side of the bending tool

Finished Bend

Step 3
Tap the counter flashing into the cut in stucco\bricks using a block of wood to avoid denting the metal.

Folds 3/8″ and 1″ depths
18″ overall length for easier hand folding
Sight holes for proper depth alignment
Black powder-coated low carbon steel to resist rust
18″ L x 3-1/4″ W x 7/32″ H


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