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Hand Held Portable Roofing Sheet Metal Lip Bender

This 18″ Sheet Metal Lip Bender is the easiest way to bend a lip on sheet metal
For folding sheet metal with a uniform fold

Suggested Uses:

  • Make counter flashings for brick chimneys and stucco
  • Bend a lip on valley metal
  • Join 2 pieces of metal together
  • Make existing metal wider by adding a piece
  • Installing sheet metal duct work
  • Bend lips on plumbing pipe jacks
  • Bend lips on any roofing heat and fan vents
  • Bend lips on dormer vents

Bending Sheet Metal

Handy sight gauges for accurate depth alignment
Sheet Metal Bender sight holes

Join 2 pieces of sheet metal with a uniform bend
Join Sheet Metal

Folds 3/8″ and 1″ depths
18″ overall length for easier hand folding
Sight holes for proper depth alignment
Black powder-coated low carbon steel to resist rust
18″ L x 3-1/4″ W x 7/32″ H

Lip bender Specs


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