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Roof calculator grid viewer

Using Roof Calc Writer – Roof Calc Writer grid viewer

The cell viewer aids you in entering data into the Roofing Job Cost Grid. Open the cell viewer by clicking the icon on the Job Cost Grid.
Cell information window can be dragged to any position and it will be remembered.
Clicking any cell in the Job Cost grid updates the cell viewer giving complete information on the selected cell.The lines in the roof plan change to red depending on the cell clicked.

Here we have selected the first cell in the first row. This row totals the roof area. Notice the red lines on the roof diagram and the red text explaining the purpose.

Here we have selected the first cell in the 2nd row. This row totals the hips + top ridge. Notice the red lines outlining the top ridge and hips.
Here we have selected the cell used to enter your price price per square. Notice all the lines on the roof plan are black.
After you have created many templates the cell viewer will seldom be used.

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