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Auto fill Roofing Materials

Auto fill Roofing detail cost

This feature provides a fast and easy way to total up roofing detail costs. It works like this:
The program searches for items in your Material price list that match the materials in your job cost grid. When matches are found the are added to your Material Detail Cost and get totaled.
The totals are calculated like this:
Units from the Job Cost grid times the price in the roofing Material Price List.
Enter your roof measurements into the RoofCalWriter main screen then open detail cost. material price list

To open Detail Pricing click this button:

Clicking this button will look at materials the Job Cost grid and find matches in your saved price list and calculate a total for each item found.
See example below:

Important !
The wording between the Job Cost Grid and Price List Grid must match exactly or it will not be added and calculated. You can then continue adding materials by clicking the price list or typing them in manually.

If the Job Cost Units column contains no units the item will not be added. The same method is used to create a Work Order when using Per Square Pricing, although no prices are copied.


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