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Adding roof pitch

How Roof Pitch is Totaled – How Roof calculator Writer add roof pitch

If you are climbing on roofs and measuring the actual roof you will not need to add for pitch. If you are measuring from the ground or measuring roof plans you will need to add for pitch. When measuring roof plans the pitch will be noted on the plans.When measuring from the ground you will need to know how to determine your roof pitch to add the correct amount. Roof Calc Writer will add the correct amount for pitch by clicking the Click to add roof pitch checkbox. Then select the proper pitch from the drop down list. The pitch table below lists how much is added for each pitch.

add roof pitch checkbox

Roof Pitch angle in Degrees
Roof Pitch angle in Degrees

Roof is 6/12 pitch and measures at 2,400 square feet 2400 x 1.118 = 2,683 or 26.83 squares

When opening the Roof Calculator Writer program the last pitch used will be selected and the last state of the add Pitch checkbox You can remove or add pitch anytime. Check the add pitch box and the amount of squares will be added depending on the pitch you select. Un-select the add pitch box and squares will be subtracted.


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