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RoofCalculator software download frequently asked questions

Download Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How long does it take to download software?
It is difficult to determine the exact amount of time it takes to download a file because there are many factors that can affect the download speed – such as connection type and network traffic. However, we list estimated download times for different size files and typical connection type. Keep in mind that these are only rough estimates and that your actual download time may vary.

Q: How do I know the file name of the software I downloaded?
When you click a file to download a message box with a warning will ask you what you want to do with this file. Click save to disk. The next message box will prompt you for a location and show you the filename of the file you are going to download. Take note of the filename and location.
The default download location is your desktop.

Q: How do I find the file I downloaded?
If you chose not to install your product immediately after downloading it, you must find the folder where the file was downloaded and double-click it to install. If you do not recall the file download location:
1. Click Start, point to Find (or Search), and then select Files or Folders.
2. In the Named field, enter the name of the file to be found. The file name varies depending on which program you downloaded.
3. In the Look in field, select My Computer. The box Include Subfolders should be checked.
4. Click Find Now or OK to begin the search. Windows will display a window with the search results listed. Once you have located the file, make a note of its location. You can double-click the file from the search results window to install it.

Q: How do I install the downloaded file?
Wait for the file to download completely. Your computer will usually tell you how long the download will take. After the file has downloaded, you will need to run it in order to install your new software. To run it just double-click it.

Q: Can I download software programs more than once?
Yes, you can download our programs as many times as you need to.

Q: What if I uninstall the software, but then need to download the software again?
No problem,just download the program again.

Q: How do I uninstall your software from my computer?
1. Select the Start button on your Windows task bar.
2.Select Settings, and then Control Panel.
3. Choose Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel.
4.Highlight the program you want removed from your computer, and then select the Change/Remove button.
5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Q: What if my computer crashes or I buy a new computer?
You’re covered. Download the software again free of charge.

Q: Where is the program installed on my computer?
By default it installs to C:\Program Files\??Name of program

Q: Can I change the program location on my computer?
Yes, but only with downloaded installation program. Bear in mind any files created will also need to be moved to the new location.

Common causes and solutions for unsuccessful downloads Demand for downloads can be high the first week after a product release. You may be able to download faster if you avoid peak download hours (9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST). There are a number of reasons why you might receive an error message during the download process, find that the process hangs, or receive an error message when you try to unzip or open the file.
Simply re-downloading may solve the problem, but check the following issues to see if they may apply: 1. The temporary internet file cache is too small to contain the file as it downloads.
Enlarge the temporary internet file cache: In Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options
General tab Temporary Internet Files > Settings, and increase the “Amount of disk space to use” setting to 150 MB. (The default is 50 MB.)
2. You are using a download manager or download accelerator.
Download without the assistance of the manager or accelerator and this should solve the problem
3. The browser you are using cannot handle such a large download file. Try downloading using another browser (for example Firefox instead of Internet Explorer).
4. There is not space available on your drive to expand the installer into the default TEMP directory. Clear your default TEMP directory and free up space on your hard drive.
5. You are selecting Open rather than Save when asked if you would like to open the file or save to your computer. Select the option to Save the file, then open the file when it has downloaded to your hard drive.
6. If you are using a Modem you may need to decrease the transmission speed.
Try decreasing the data transmission speed before downloading.
7. There is a software conflict with third party software.
You may need to remove the conflicting software or download the trial on another computer.