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Visual Pitch Examples
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We keep adding new features to the RoofCalcWriter program to make roof estimating easier and more useful. We never add a feature that makes it more difficult to use. We add features that you can use, but don't have to. For instance in our latest release we added the feature of getting an online map to the job address you have created and the ability to add for waste for valleys. You can use these features, but you do not have to. The list goes on and on. See our latest new features here. .

Enter your roof pitch and roof measurements and you get instant totals for squares of shingles, rolls of felt, bundles of ridge, rolls of starter, sheets of valley metal, sheets of plywood, pieces of metal nosing and total squares. Enter your price per square and you have a complete roofing material list and estimate. View ScreenShot

Estimates are saved under: Customer LastName-Address or Company-Name-address. Estimates are easy to find and recall. Organize your saved estimates into folders using SaveAs

For repeat customers or ongoing projects use the built in address book.

If you can use a calculator you can use: RoofCalcWriter works just like a normal calculator! As you enter measurements in the boxes to the right, materials are updated with every entry. Items turn red when values are entered. At a glance you can see if any have been skipped. We believe totally in try before you buy.
You can download our fully functional software and use it 8 times before buying.

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Easy to Install.
Self installing setup, no unzipping program needed. Just click and follow instructions.

Full Windows 7,8 & Vista compatible!
Do you know your roof pitch?
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